Our Politics

We are not a political group. We are a fraternal brotherhood like the Elk’s Lodge or the Knights of Columbus founded in 2016. We are a multi-racial group that is socially liberal and welcomes gay members. Again, our only non-negotiable rule is that you are a Western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world (much confusion revolves around the word chauvinist as women tend to assume it means “sexist” – it means “a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism”). Almost all our members are pro-Trump but there are exceptions (our pope being one of them). We are an independent chapter that disavowed Enrique Tarrio for a shit load of crimes against the Proud Boys. Tarrio was thrown out of the Proud Boys by unanimous vote by his chapter brothers that knew him better than the other PB chapters did. All the other autonomous chapters in the State of Florida voted Tarrio agreed with out disavowment of Tarrio. Although we wish no harm to him former spokesperson Enrique Tarrio sits in a cell for his selfish  “Clout Chasing” ways.

We are not associated with any national or international group that claims to be Proud Boys because it legally does NOT exist. There are some rogue pretenders running around S. FL that are “disgruntled rejects” that were thrown out for various reasons. All traditional Proud Boy Chapters are independent and autonomous. Bottom line one can conclude we are merely a local Miami-Dade County men’s social club that meets once a month to drink with like minded men and complain about the political ailments that afflicts America. Oh, and all commies are bastards!

We disavow Nazis and don’t want them at our meet-ups. We disavow racists and don’t want them at our meet-ups. We allow weak, beta male virgins to join because our fraternity is about helping men improve their lives and that includes all men. If, however, a Proud Boy refuses to step up to the plate -if he doesn’t heed our advice and try it – if he doesn’t assimilate and engage with the group, he will be asked to leave. Our founder Gavin McInnes (peace be upon him) often cites his “10 Ways to Save America” list as a compendium of proud Western beliefs. Brothers don’t have to ascribe to all of these but it does provide a good idea of where we stand.

The drug war is a failure. Take away the profits from drugs and you take away gangs and soon prisons are losing their best customers.

Right now we have incentivized single mothers. This has shattered families, especially poor families. Stop rewarding single mothers for leaving their husbands and we get the family back. With fathers comes discipline and employment. With jobs comes less crime. Stop political correctness and lets get back to the basics!

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Proud Boys are encouraged to put a ring on it and knock her up. We need to make more Proud Boys. The young are encouraged to sow their wild oats but as we get older, committing to a family becomes more and more important.

With the family, comes a deep respect for the housewife. We push back against the feminist notion that shaping human lives is somehow “selling out.” We see housewives as sentient beings who have an incredible gift. Love your wife as Christ loved the Church!

This is just a hate fact. America was not stolen from the Indians and it was not built on slavery. Europe and Britain were not built on colonization. We fought hard to be #1 and we won. All other cultures are not merely different than us. They are worse.

The Proud Boys Miami are against those that would divide America with hate. We denounce Nazis, bigots, anti-semitism, and other types of traditional stereotyping. The Media needs a boogeyman to keep viewership thus they push the lie demanded by democrats. If your a Nazi dont bother applying!

Not for free, obviously but gun laws are too strict in about 80% of the country and 90% of the Western world. Right now it’s mostly bad guys who have guns. Good guys need them too. This will help prevent crime.

We have strayed from a merit-based immigration policy and have replaced it with open borders. We need to build a wall and encourage assimilation. No more Spanish schools or Chinese schools. Everyone speaks English and patriotism is encouraged.

The West has thrived with the checks and balances open discussion provides. Without it, fascism thrives. We need to fight for free speech not just against the government but against the people who want to shut it down. We are now policing ourselves worse than Big Brother. That needs to stop. Free speech includes all speech – good and bad – and a huge part of this brotherhood is making sure nobody is prevented from speaking. This is arguably our most important cause.

Western liberalism scoffs at the rich and those who put it all on the line to improve our lives. We recognize the incredible sacrifice this takes and we are in awe of all the great entrepreneurs throughout history who got us here.

We have no respect for the institutions that rob us of our hard-earned wages. We don’t expect another man to handle our freedom and determine our destiny. We may not be anarchists but we always want the government brought down to the absolute minimum.

A Passage From Pat Buchanan’s The Death of the West!

“As fair-minded and mostly Christian folks, [we] concede that there is truth in the indictment of America’s past. Our fathers did participate in slavery. We did practice segregation. Our treatment of the Indians was not what one should have expected of people to whom the Sermon on the Mount was divine command. But, having internalized a guilt that gnaws at their souls, these Republicans, in their lifelong quest for absolution, are easy prey for confidence men like Jackson and Sharpton who run the Big Sting.”

“The truth? In the story of slavery and the slave trade, Western Man was among the many villains, but Western Man was also the only hero. For the West did not invent slavery, but it alone abolished slavery. Had it not been for the West, African rulers would still be trafficking in the flesh of their kinsmen. Slaves, after all, were the leading cash crop of the friends of Mansa Musa. In Mauritania and Sudan today, slavery has returned, to the deafening silence of intellectuals who have built careers on the moral shakedown of America and the West. America was a segregated society, but in no other nation do people enjoy greater freedom, opportunity, and prosperity than here in the United States.”

“The time for apologies is past. But if Middle America believes that capitulations and reparations will buy peace in our time, it deludes itself. If there were no more demands, the race racketeers would have to find a new line of work. But as long as the silent majority keeps acceding to their demands, they will keep on making them. Time to just say no.”

We are Autonomous