Who are the Miami Proud Boys?

Answer: The Miami Proud Boys are a men’s’ drinking club that have a political problem. Now that is a simple definition yet many of our members are actively involved in local politics to legally engage to cause change. Miami PB are made up of proud veterans, fathers, businessmen, and professionals as well as blue collar boys.

Are the Proud Boys a Violent gang?

Answer: The Proud Boys are NOT a violent gang, but rather a group of alpha males that refuse to allow the left to attack patriotic protesters and Tea Partiers. Proud Boys go to political rallies to stand between individuals like leftist Antifa and BLM racists that intend to disrupt Republican leaning gatherings by violent means. We NEVER throw the first punch but we refused to be abused by the left so we defend ourselves.

Are the Proud Boys a white nationalist group?

: Hell No! proud Boys are a multi-ethnicity group of men from all walks of life. Again, the mainstream media lies to cancel their political opposition. Miami Proud Boys are 90% of Hispanic and black men that believe in freedom NOT oppression. When was the last time you saw a KKK in white sheets parade down Calle Ocho or South Beach? We rest out case… HA!

Will I go To Jail If I become a Proud Boy? (January 6th)

: Depends, are you a criminal? We are not criminals, nor do we encourage or promote our members to break the law. Our past information Chairman Enrique Tarrio allegedly led a few men into the Capital with a so-called power point plan. If this is true, we would have stopped him, had we had prior knowledge. He is no longer a Proud Boy and has been dishonorably expulsed from the fraternity for multiple bad deeds unbecoming a Proud Boy. We are like the Knights of Columbus or the Moose Lodge. You will not be arrested for being a Proud boy unless the American government becomes like Cuba or other one-party dictatorship countries.

Why Are there so many negative articles in the press depicting Proud Boys as Racists?

: 90% of the press (NYT, CNN, Miami New Times, Ect) are socialist leaning Democrats with dual memberships in the communist party as shown in government records. These individuals who falsely portray themselves as objective journalists are actually hitmen that falsely portrays their political opposition, aka the PB’s, in an extremely false light. Many of the lies pushed today in the press have been proven untrue yet confronted with undeniable evidence these same self-proclaimed objective truth-seeking journos ignore the evidence and continue repeating the printed and broadcasted lies. Bottomline, we disavow Nazis and racists!

Will I get Doxed publicly if I become a Proud Boy?

: Probably yes if you don’t take measures to protect yourself. Back when we started, we had no problems, and we were on Facebook as well as Twitter. We had fun, we debated lefties, and we were super successful growing all over the world. One day those on the left started looking us up and calling our jobs railing false accusations that we were white supremacists, racists, homophobes, and Nazis. After 20-calls from Antifa and registered members of the Democrat Party our employers got tired thus firing us because “they didn’t want problems” or they themselves were socialists believing Democrats not liking conservatives.

We wised up and started going to rallies in gators covering up our faces to make the cancellation harder. We tighten up our vetting and became more a of secretive men’s club who had each other’s back. We encourage all our members to use a handle on Telegram void of anything that can identify them. The majority have maintained their employment while enjoying the fruits of their membership in the Miami Proud Boys Fraternity.

How Do I apply to become a Proud Boy in South Florida?

: First we request that you either go to our website and fill out the application request or email us at Send us your contact information and your Telegram handle. If you do not have a Telegram account, then you can download the app here:

Those brothers in charge of vetting will invite you into what is called a “vetting process” for you to determine if we are a good fit for you or vice versa. To learn more about the PB culture some recommend that you subscribe to our founder’s daily podcast at Gavin McInnis’s for merely $10 per month. Miami PB do not get kickbacks for referring you. We encourage you to engage in the vetting process honestly and often. Please remember, what you think the PB’s are today will change over time as you get to know us.