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How To Fight Back Cancellation Proud Boy Style!

If you have not seen or heard the American left’s false, characterization of the Proud Boys you must have been living in a cave hiding from the Taliban after sleepy Joe left you behind. Since the conception of the Proud Boys in 2016 the MSM, social media, the political left, and its supporters have been on a never-ending campaign to malign the Proud Boys encouraging corporations to “cancel” U.S. citizens for enjoying membership in a harmless men’s drinking club. This cancellation has led to certain PB members losing access to financial institutions, access to popular apps, and credit card process service that hurt its victims’ livelihood. When will anyone do anything about this?

The Founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnis, ceased being the victim by taking a stand suing the Southern Poverty Law Center allegedly damaging his career by labeling him an “extremist” and “leader of a hate group” according to the Washington Times. The Times further reported that a lawsuit “Filed in Federal Court in Montgomery, Alabama, the 61-page complaint entered on behalf of Mr. McInnis accuses the SPLC, a civil rights watchdog group, of mounting a “campaign of destruction” against the right-wing media personality and provocateur over his involvement in the Proud Boys, a fraternal organization of self-described “western chauvinists” he launched in 2016.

“They have harassed me, my family and my friends to a level of tortious interference that goes well into sabotage,” Mr. McInnis, 48, said in a statement. “I am doing this, not just to protect my reputation and my family but to protect everyone else’s.” The lawsuit alleges defamation, tortious interference and other counts stemming from the SPLC’s reporting on Mr. McInnis and the Proud Boys, including the latter’s addition last year to the watchdog’s “Hate Map,” an online listing of hundreds of “active hate groups.”

In 2018, the SPLC was forced to pay out $3.4 million and issue an apology to British political activist Maajid Nawaz after they falsely listed him as an “anti-Muslim extremist” (Nawaz is a Muslim reformist who campaigns against extremism). Seems to be a liable pattern problem here.

According to McInnis, who currently hosts “Get Off My Lawn” on his streaming video service on Censored.TV, has explained that he feels that the trial against SPLC went quite well, but that the Judge over the case is supposed to release a judgment in the legal matter. According to McInnis the Judge has the case on his lap and he has been waiting months for an order. If the Judge rules in McInnis’ favor this will be a major upset against the left’s war on Conservatives but more important their diabolical campaign against the Proud Boys.

Gavin is the co-founder of VICE and he has some power, influence to accompany his wealth. He may not be Elon Musk but he seems to have some capital to fight back. What are the rest of us middleclass shlubs to do when a bank closes your account, social media cancels your access, and the yellow journalists start calling you racists, Nazis, and other false inflammatory names to harm your reputation solely because your political ideology is Constitutional? What are some things that a regular Patriot can do to fight back?

Start a Business:

I personally know of many Patriots who have lost their jobs due to green haired lefties making them toxic by excessively calling their jobs, harassing their employers, leaving bad online reviews until the employer loses all loyalty to the employee firing them because they don’t want the aggravation. One solution for most is to start your own business and become an entrepreneur or a subcontractor for your skill. If you don’t have a skill, check out technical schools or vocational schools with impressive student aid to make graduation within financial reach. Either you start out your very own business or you study toward being your own boss. This is one solution for those who have been targeted. Its not a one size fits all but many who want to be activists should consider this if they have not been cancelled because it is just a matter of time.

Break the Social Media Monopoly:

Just yesterday there was a big dump of accounts on Gettr social media who claims to be a beacon of First Amendment speech. On GETTR’s home page they bray by stating, “A brand new social media platform founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and “cancel culture”.” They violated this by canceling Vice City Miami Proud Boys public page and that of conservative MAGA rapper Playboy the Beast’s page. The man in charge of GETTR is nothing but a republican establishment hack who probably has NO idea Patriots have been canceled in his 1A paradise. I can assure you that many of those reading this post have been canceled online in one way or another whether its GETTR, Facebook or Instagram. Do you quit? Give up? How do you fight back?

Fight back by deciding not to operate in their sphere of influence and join alternative online communities like GAB or Clout Hub. I like GAB and the way the owner fights the cancel elites. Vice City has had their page on GAB without incident for more than a minute. CloutHub.com is another friendly site as well as the lesser known and slower Spreely.com site. You can make another FB profile but once they find you out after building your profile back up is immediate cancel.

Aggressive Political Activism:

This one is simple but hardly gets acknowledged as much. We suggest that you join your local county Republican or Libertarian pollical group. Then see what events they have for you to volunteer and get involved. If your local political group has no events then YOU, yes you, must create events, promote it, and organize it. If only 5-people go to your first event that is not bad. Take those five’s contact info and delegate the next event’s responsibilities to them and watch the next event activities increase in participation.

If you find yourself in an organized group with high attendance volunteer and be a good worker bee. Don’t seek the spotlight! I always say if your work hard the cream rises to the top and the spotlight shall find you. One must first learn to be an Indian before they can become a chief. Work well with others and avoid the conflictive types that would divide a movement. United we stand and divided we fall. We must come together as one to push forward for the betterment of America.

Lastly, find a campaign for an American First candidate in your area like Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida. Work those phone banks, door knocking, and working where they tell you need to be. Many conservatives work their ass off to support those under their roofs. When you knock on their door or phone call them its rivers of sweet water to their dry political landscape. Encourage them and get them out to vote to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Predator Disney + Public School Perverting Children Worldwide!

Since our last installment Florida was hit with the revelation that a certain segment of our population are after our children to pervert them starting in kindergarten, they have lied on a protection bill signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis, and a Disney employees’ child sex trafficking ring exposed abusing children. For someone traveling intergalactic lengths arriving at Earth they would be, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!” The skin has been pulled back and now the Normies and the MAGA Thot Mamas are rushing to protect their offspring from sexual indoctrination. So maybe your Rumplestiltskin ass just woke under a mango tree in Hialeah scratching your noggin wonder WTF? catch up on the video below and then underneath we will pick it up for PROUD COMMENTARY!

Breitbart News is reporting that, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN, Pixar, and Disney Parks are protesting anti-grooming laws amid Walt Disney Co. employees at corporate locations across the U.S. walking out of their offices in attempt to force the company to fight Don’t-Groom-Kids laws, such as the Florida bill that restricts the teaching of sexuality and transgenderism to kids in kindergarten through third grade.

“Disney+ stands by our LGBTQIA+ employees, colleagues, families, storytellers, and fans, and we strongly denounce all legislation that infringes on the basic human rights of people in the LGBTQIA+ community — especially legislation that targets and harms young people and their families,” Disney+ said in a statement on Tuesday. “We strive to create a service that reflects the world in which we live, and our hope is to be a source for inclusive, empowering, and authentic stories that unite us in our shared humanity,” Disney+ added.

“Today and every day, we Hulugans are united against all legislation that infringes on the basic human rights of the LGBTQIA+ community,” Hulu tweeted at the exact same time as Disney+ on Tuesday. “We stand with our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, storytellers, families, friends, and fans who are targeted by laws that marginalize and diminish their identities and lives,” Hulu added. “We remain committed to telling inclusive stories that unite us and celebrate the diverse LGBTQIA+ community.” “All of us at Pixar stand with our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, friends, families, and fans around the world who are targeted by laws that marginalize and diminish their identities and lives,” Pixar echoed.

Make Your Family PROUD!

What does this mean for the average Mom & Dad that wants to raise their child trying to keep their innocence for as long as possible? It means if you leave your children in the public schools your child is fucked! If your not careful they may literally be fucked by some dude dressed as a thot! What are you to do to keep your kiddies out of the hands of the kid fucker academia trained perverts? First, get them out of public school and start homeschooling your children. Its easier than you think. Many don’t want to do it because they are a bunch of self-indulgence selfish individuals that prefer self gratification over the well being of their children. There are homeschooling associations that can show you how easy it is to self teach your children. There is power in numbers so group up with other homeschooling parents so your kids can feed off of them, socialize with nerdy kids that will make a lot of $$$ in the future, and show your children how much you love them by making them scholastically self reliant while you protect them from the LSDBQT+ wolves that will change your kids in 1/2 a school year. Dont let your kids get devoured and changed into a sexual identity your not good with. Your child is worth fighting for!

Hollywood, Disney, and bad actor Ron Pearlman have been sharpening their knives to sexually devour your children because they have been brainwashed by the drinking the Kool aide or they have been bought & paid for to look the other way as the kid fuckers in America do what they want with no accountability. We all know that common sense and decency states to leave the children alone when it comes to sexuality. Just watch caveman Ron Pearlman spew sexual policy idiocy revealing how far he will go to score another Hollywood gig.

So you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about a bill protecting kids is about? There must be something in it that is bad for the left to freak out the way they did! HERE is the link to read the bill!

Another way to fight back against this demonic wave of sexual person is to pull your children out of public school and place them in private school. Be careful, there are many woke private schools out there where you have no say in the school curriculum. Some private and Catholic school have been overrun by the pedo mob just drooling to get their grubby hands on your child. You must first do research on the school your considering. Dont knee jerk and your child is out of the frying pan then into the fire. The safest bet is to find a Christian school that will teach right from wrong. Have you kid sit in on the classes for 2-3 days before you drop the serious cash for private tuition.

Another thing you can do is get red-pilled, get activated to join the movement against the kid fuckers. Mom’s For Liberty in Miami is one organization pushing back on the pedo school push. Their voices is loud thus your needed to join the grassroots movement like Mom’s For Liberty who are basically school Moms protecting their kids. Now we know that Moms in other Florida Counties read our pages and are active. Go to your school Board meetings and people will walk up to you wondering who you are. Find the America First crowd and fight with them but stay away from the drama and the infighting until you figure who the players are. So get out there and fight!

Disney is Grooming Your Children?!