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Miami Police Open Investigation Into Threat

This past Sunday morning an active Miami-Dade School Board mother of six had her life threatened. We are keeping her name private to prevent any potential copycat incidents from occurring. This mom had a life-threatening note attached to the front door of her home. This mother has been extremely active in the MAGA/Republican community especially advocating for parents in the Miami-Dade School Board Meetings. She attends all the meetings and speaks to the board publicly advocating AMERICA FIRST policies.

The Miami Communist organization Antifa aka “Miami Anti-Fash” have also been attending the public Miami-Dade school board meetings taking the names of those that publicly speak out against leftist policies affecting their children. They perform research and doxx these parents on Twitter and other forms of social media. They do this to intimidate parents to scare them from coming out against leftist policies. Many parents have been scared away from attending these “open to the public” school board meetings. Others ignore the fear fighting back to improve their children’s education by sharing their political opinions.

Actual Death Threat Note Left on Front Door!

Antifa Attacks School Moms

Vice City Miami Proud Boys (VCPB) whom have been active in South Florida since 2016 attend school board meetings after Antifa and teachers’ union type thugs threatened these moms. VCPB have escorted these moms to their vehicles providing security after the meetings that local law enforcement refuses to provide. Many fathers have also benefited from our security efforts. The rules of engagement are simple: get in-between the threat and the moms, try to defuse the situation peacefully with soft words, if threat of imminent bodily harm or death is perceived then VCPB will react accordingly.

Just recently, the U.S. Department of Justice commenced a nationwide investigation with the FBI into parents that speak publicly at their local school boards. This was at the behest of the largest public school teacher’s union’s request making local mothers and father suspected criminals simply for attending a government public meeting. It has been reported that the FBI have investigated many parents in-depth throughout the United States, but they do not investigate the crimes perpetrated on these school board moms like death threats or physically attacked as they walk to their cars from a school board meeting.

Cheap Excuse To Defend Board Members’ Socialist Policies!

School Moms Fight Back!

Many of these same Miami moms have been slapped with frivolous lawsuits and/or vexatiously false stalking injunctions to shut them up. These brave moms have fought back with one last week in Miami-Dade Circuit Court having an Antifa filed petition for injunction dissolved. The Miami-Dade Court docket legal memorandum stated that the Petitioner (Antifa) was trying to impose a temporary injunction on the Respondent (School Mom) for exercising her U.S. Constitutionally approved activity. The Judge agreed and dissolved the temporary injunction filed against the mom. The trial is scheduled for July 2022 to see if the posting of political speech online qualifies as stalking to obtain a permanent injunction.

This mother of six children has filed a police report prompting an investigation by the Miami Police Department regarding the death threat. Surrounding neighbors have been asked to review their security cameras to confirm the identity of the source of the death threat. MPD have some leads that they are currently following up on. The wrongdoer will be brought to justice and tried in court by a jury of their peers. May God have mercy on their soul.

Miami PB’s Have the School Parents’ Backs!

VCPB wonders what type of individual would threaten a single mother taking care of her six children for exercising her 1st amendment right of free speech. If it’s a male, then he is not a man, but merely a disappointment to what God had destined him to be in life. If it’s a woman, then she may have mental health issues or she is a wicked person with no regard for life. Either way please take note that VCPB are looking for you. We are not criminals thus we won’t take the law into our own hands. We will give the intel we collect to the school board mom to do what she wants with it even if its to go to MPD.

Vice City Proud Boys will continue to protect the school moms as long as we are needed. VCPB never starts violence, but if others independently chose to lay their hands on us then we will defend ourselves according to Florida Law. In other words…….Fuck Around Find OUT!

Join the Best Fraternity in the Western World!

Vice City Proud Boys are a men’s drinking club with a political problem. Established in 2016 in South Florida. A club that is independent of all other PB chapters governing its own belonging to no national structure. We are raising the standard in Miami to make better men. Former President Enrique Tarrio has been dishonorably removed and expelled from Vice City Proud Boys supported by all the chapters in the great State of Florida. It is not our intentions to overthrow the government but to involve ourselves in the political process to peacefully create change from within advocating America First policies!

Media Lies: We are NOT a militia, gang, racist, white supremist, or criminals. We are veterans, professionals, business owners, college students, blue collar workers, and proud fathers…UHURU!!!

What Proud Boys Stand For!