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The high profile “Proud Boys’ Trial” has been delayed – again.

Although opposed by defendants Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl, and Charles Donohoe, Judge Timothy Kelly has ruled in favor of another motion to delay the previously set May 18 trial date. The other defendants, Enrique Tarrio and Dominic Pezzola, did not oppose the delay.

Two Bad ass MoFo’s

The Speedy Trial Act is a law passed in 1979 that guarantees a trial for a defendant with in one month, unless an exception is made for “good cause.” Even though the defendants in this case have been imprisoned for well over a year (with the exception of the recently added Tarrio), Judge Kelly decided that their rights were not being denied.

Federal Court Filed Document

Nordean’s legal team argued that any delay or further evidence gathering needs on behalf of the government prosecution could be mitigated by simply trying Tarrio separately. Judge Kelly rejected this argument. Legal experts have pointed out that waiting this long for any trial is highly unusual, and some have compared it to 3rd world justice standards. If the US government takes a similar amount of time to gather evidence relating to Tarrio’s addition to the case as they have with the still unfinished compiling of evidence against the other defendants, this case will have these men sitting in jail for years without being tried.

The US constitution makes specific mention of preventing just this situation, but it is unknown what grades Judge Kelly received in while studying constitutional law in law school.

Leftist protestors in recent years that have entered the government buildings with both stated intent and successful result of disrupting official proceedings, including the US Capital during the Justice Kavanagh appointment hearings, have almost universally had all charges dropped or were never arrested at all. Many elected officials openly supported them, both online, in person during the breach, and with massively profitable fundraisers.

Socialists Taking Over the U.S. Capital

Despite this, “Selective Prosecution” has not been a successful legal argument so far for January 6 defendants.

In unrelated news, a man who shot 14 people in a shopping mall in South Carolina yesterday was released from jail this week to await trial in his own home. His release conditions allow him to go to work and travel.