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Why is the Left so scared of us???

So current events are not going the way they should lately in the United States of America. After the biggest power grab by scaring citizens with Covid and shut downs we are seeing war time efforts control policy contrary to the U.S. Constitution. Gas prices were high prior to rumors of Putin invading Ukraine. The economy is quickly reaching a boiling point with Americans in financial troubles, but Congress authorizes billion of dollars to flow to Ukraine as America’s needs go ignored. The average citizen seems to be in shock depressed over the political forecast feeling nothing they can do will change the situation and its only going to get worse. The free media is oppressed by the gate keepers of information throwing misinformation ground fire in support of Biden’s doomed policy misrepresenting truth to the public on the Science, Bio Labs in Ukraine, and the senseless persecutions of those that attended the Stop the Steal Rally in Washington DC January 6, 2020.

Donald trump make famous the term FAKE NEWS by doxing the bad practices of the lame stream media righteously so. The biggest victim of yellow journalism has been the indoctrination that the Prof Boys are Racists, sexists, homophobes, and the rest of the woke laundry list that they fire off at individuals and groups that speak the truth that challenges their ideological stronghold. Proud Boys goes against the wokeness that has risen into a modern day brown shirt mob that refuses to engage in a debate of ideas but rather throw names and labels without backing up their illegitimate claims. They deny these conservative entities a platform to to express their ideas in the local town squares. Its as if the right is the truth serum to the sickness in America but the progressives are hellbent in keeping everyday citizens in bondage by denying them the truth.

It is for this reason the Vice City Miami Proud Boys have started their own platform to send out chapter press releases, state what we are about, and counter the media lies in this blog format. We may have a difference of opinion but when men sit down to discuss issues they arise with a better understanding of the other side’s arguments and the weakness, if any at all, in their own conservative arguments. As we start to blog we hope that you share our voice on your social media to get the message out. If your a Proud Boy outside of South Florida please share it in your chapter’s chat. Lets make America great again one blog at a time!

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